How to Earn from Online Reward Programs

Online reward programs or loyalty programs offer an array of benefits for large companies. They provide a strong sense of enthusiasm for the buyers to create accounts and be consistent in operating then. They tend to create meaningful relationships with these companies that they so closely work with. Reward programs tend to borrow elements which range from the psychology of the targeted consumers to behavioral economics. Loyalty programs came to life to encourage and drive customers to continue shopping or utilizing the services of businesses corresponding with each program. These programs cover a variety of e-commerce companies which vary in their features and reward schemes.

Notable Online Reward Programs:

Companies worldwide have realized that the competitive advantage they once had due to product variation no longer exists. There are other organizations that have started producing products of a similar kind and they sell it for a much lesser price. This makes the product both economic and affordable for buyers. Due to this, companies have started utilizing reward programs now more than ever. These companies aim toward retaining existing customers. They want to create a loyal customer base. Their reward programs include convenience, prizes, credit, and various other benefits.

Here is a list of companies that have a well-designed reward program which makes them successful and reliable.


Dosh is on a mission to positively and monetarily have an impact on peoples’ lives by the simple method of transactions. Their goal is to disarrange industries where money goes to waste or where the middle men make huge profits at the expense of others. This organization aims to put the money right back to where it came from – consumers and businesses. They have achieved this through technology and dedication.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Connect with Dosh.
  2. Securely establish a link of your credit and debit cards with Dosh.
  3. That’s about it. That’s all it takes.

Whenever and wherever you make a payment through your card, Dosh makes sure you get the cash right back. From shopping to dining, pay for all of it through Dosh. Pay through your Dosh-linked cards to any restaurant or store and get about 10% cash back directly transferred to your Dosh wallet. If you refer Dosh to your friends, the company gives you an additional $5 for every recommendation (referred person) who signs up with a verified card. You can transfer your money to your bank account, PayPal account, or anywhere you want to. Smart and efficient, Dosh seems like a good way to earn some extra money.


Market research is mainly about gathering information about consumers’ preferences and why they choose certain services, brands, and products.

e-Rewards offers their members the chance to share their opinions regarding why their clients like or dislike their products or services. They pay them with e-Rewards currency for the amount of time they spend. They can exchange this currency for prizes.

The e-Rewards Opinion Panel allows members to share their opinions and experiences about the products and services offered by globally acclaimed brands. The members need to mention their experiences with these brands and provide constructive feedback. In return, they can collect their e-Rewards currency for their time and effort. This currency can be redeemed in many ways.

You can join e-Rewards for free. However, it is subject to receiving an invitation.

The partners of the company can send out invitations to customers, encouraging them to join the e-Rewards Opinion Panel. All you need to do is provide your email-address to one of the partner companies, and you can receive an invitation to join e-Rewards. This panel is open to any legal resident of the United States of America over the age of 13 years with a legal address.

You can earn e-Rewards currency by participating in market research surveys, especially selected to be in tune with your interests. Make money by sharing your honest feedback.


FidMe has more than 4 million users from all over the world. It is one of the leading European mobile rewards apps. It is available in 19 languages and caters to 18 million digitized card holders and 6.5 thousand loyalty card holders. FidMe has the option for its members to register for loyalty cards and stamp cards from local shops. From small businesses to franchise networks to renowned retailers, everyone has joined its service.

SSI is a well-known global provider for technology and data solutions for consumers and business survey researches. FidMe and SSE collaborated to form “My Opinion Club” – a unique loyalty program. This program enables FidMe users to earn more points by taking part in mobile surveys and circulating their valuable opinion.

The users of FidMe who register and participate in ongoing surveys get the opportunity to earn extra FidMe points. The points that the users earn are directly deposited in the accounts of users. They can also be redeemed through deals and offers for many renowned websites.

FidMe keeps looking for ways to for users to earn additional points in their mobile wallets. SSI offers new ways to earn points by participating in mobile surveys.

Forget carrying clustered wallets around or forgetting about your loyalty cards. Collaboration with FidMe has provided SSI with a useful loyalty business model, which is greatly benefiting.

FidMe is a free mobile application and is available at App Store and Google Play. It is absolutely free and compatible with all types of smartphones.

So, now you can make money by simply stating your opinion!

Club Premier

Club Premier and SSI host a leading loyalty program in Mexico called “Give Your Opinion and Earn.” This offers loyalty members the opportunity to earn a good amount of money for dining out, traveling, and shopping in over 170 destinations in North America.

Club Premier members who register from this program earn premier points by taking part in surveys and sharing their valuable opinion, which act as feedback. The points the Club Premier members earn are directly deposited in their accounts. They can redeem it through air travel, dine-outs, hotel stays, retail purchases, and air travel.

Those members of Club Premier who sign up for this panel receive 500 premier points on completing their first survey. They earn additional premier points by taking part in other ongoing surveys.

Members of Club Premier can use their membership for travel to around 900 destinations, pay for stays at hotels, and buy more than a million items.

A truly beneficial site, Club Premier is one of the leading loyalty programs based in Mexico.